Alfonso looks up to the summit of Ama DablamHello climbers of the world! I am finished with my climbing in Nepal but I won’t be able to access my Google accounts on my computer until I get to Spain in about a month. That means I can’t post my trip report until then (I’m posting this from my phone).

But in case you’re curious, I summited all peaks I climbed but lots of shit happened in between, as usual. I’m working on that trip report and also a piece on the messy mountaineering industry they have here. On the 8th of this month I completed 6 months of travelling! Hopefully there are many more to come.

Anyways, excuse me now cuz I have to get on a plane to Bali for a month of surfing. ‘Til decembah!


Written by Cissa

Fanatic alpinist, rock climber, and wannabe surfer. Sports and travel content writer and graphic designer in the meantime. Self sponsored, based out of a haul bag.

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