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967 DAYS

I could count countries, continents, crags, mountains, cities, routes, people. I won´t. The start of this trip seems like such a long time ago, that when I got to Brazil and people asked me about Nepal, it felt like it was 10 years ago. I can just count that 967 days is almost 3 years…. Read more »

#brazilontherocks: URCA, RIO DE JANEIRO

Rio! Rio! Rio! Always on the spotlight and most recognizable post card of Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of climbing in the country, home to an amazing climbing community, routes of all shapes and sizes and the largest urban climbing area in the world. Be it a 300 m multi-pitch… Read more »


Not a great editing job, but definately a well put collection of images of a seldom climbed (due to weather) spire in the Serra dos Órgãos region in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The Devil’s Needle is 3rd-4th class climb up on slabs and mainly chimneys with a considerable long and steep approach, but… Read more »