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768 DIAS

Mais de um ano atrás postei o artigo 346 Dias, relatando como tinha sido meu primeiro ano de viagem pra escalar e surfar pelo mundo. Lá no final eu dizia que minha estadia em Chamonix era open ended e de fato, foi. Depois de 18 meses escalando em picos épicos da Espanha e no berço… Read more »

768 DAYS

Over a year ago I posted in Portuguese 346 Days, detailing my year of travelling for climbing and surfing around the world. I usually post my trip reports in Portuguese on Brazilian portals to which I contribute to, so I figured a “wrap” about everything that happened in that year would have a good place… Read more »


I questioned myself several times if I should write a wrap up of 2015 or not. It seems like I didn’t do anything really relevant climbing wise after such and eventful 2014, so what would be the point? I’ve done some cool routes here in the Alps but there are far more and better written… Read more »


IT STOPPED RAINING! I´d love to be able to write a post with at least a few dozen climbs, but unfortunately that is not how this will go. Since I am sponsored by no one less than myself, I have to produce myself the funds to live the lifestyle, and in May and June that… Read more »