“Third time is a charm”

A few days ago I quit my job as middle-management at a multinational here in Brazil. I had a decent salary, great health plan, meal plan, life insurance, and a bonus plan. Why am I writing about these things really? I guess because these are means to an end.

A season of climbing is every climber´s dream. To stay at one region for a summer or whichever other season, several weeks or months, is the epitome of desire for anyone in love with climbing.

I’ve got a one way ticket, a plan which is to have no plan, and a desire to simply climb as many peaks as I can. I´m about to spend even more than the entire season in the Cordillera Blanca and possibly even in the Cordillera Huayhuash.

So, at around 5 pm on April 17th I´ll be unemployed, but free to roam to world´s peaks as I wish. May it last long, and be the most fun ever. I wish myself some awesome climbs!


Written by Cissa

Fanatic alpinist, rock climber, and wannabe surfer. Sports and travel content writer and graphic designer in the meantime. Self sponsored, based out of a haul bag.

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