Climbing in PindaFalésia Paraíso, or translated literally “Paradise Cliffs”, is one of my favorite sport climb crags in Brazil. I´ve spent countless weekends there in the past years. This is where I started leading on my own and developed myself from a top-roper to an 11 grade climber, forged many good friendships with the amazing locals, camped on it´s secluded camping area, had endless breakfasts and some many awesome experiences, on what may be one of the most democratic climbing areas in our country.

I love this place, and it´s good to see that the hard work if the guys that developed the area has worked so well as to render a movie about it. Congrats to Claudio, Inácio, Luiz Flávio and Gilson.

Trailer Paraíso | Rio Mountain Fesival from Morfina Filmes on Vimeo.


Written by Cissa

Fanatic alpinist, rock climber, and wannabe surfer. Sports and travel content writer and graphic designer in the meantime. Self sponsored, based out of a haul bag.

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