A “put-you-back-in-shape” bike-with-a-bitch workout in the Cordillera Negra

So this is how this journey begins: head to the airport at midnight, flight leaves delayed at 4h in the morning, arrive in Lima at around 7h, 1h15 of traffic to get to the Cruz del Sur bus terminal, over 12h of waiting for my bus to leave, watched 4 movies, surfed the internet, had 2 meals, almost fell asleep on my laptop several times, got on the bus at 22h30, got in Huaraz at 6h30, arrived in the hostel shortly after that, chatted with Zarela a bit, got to the room a little earlier than 8h, got woken up by the arrival of Oliver at around 8h40, got invited to climb by Cesar at around 9h, got to Los Olivos at around 10h30, climbed several routes, had a headache, short of breath, nice dinner, finally slept in a bed after 48h of traveling, woke up at 7h, picked up at 8h30, climbed several routes at Los Chancos, more dizziness, went to bed early, got up early, rented bikes, rode up to 3900m trying to reach Punta Callyan, 46km total, out of breath, headache, dizziness, nice dinner, too many beers. Woke up today messed up, dizzy, short of breath, high pulse, weak = AMS.

At least the weather is improving.

Sport climbing in Los Olivos, a crag 15 minutes away from Huaraz, on foot. How awesome!


Written by Cissa

Fanatic alpinist, rock climber, and wannabe surfer. Sports and travel content writer and graphic designer in the meantime. Self sponsored, based out of a haul bag.

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