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967 DAYS

I could count countries, continents, crags, mountains, cities, routes, people. I won´t. The start of this trip seems like such a long time ago, that when I got to Brazil and people asked me about Nepal, it felt like it was 10 years ago. I can just count that 967 days is almost 3 years…. Read more »


I´m a little too old to be having idols, or maybe what some people would call heroes, or maybe I´m not. But on my recent incursion into the surfing world, and add to that my current incursion into the Basque Country, I´ve came across this curious type which has got one of the most latent… Read more »


Hello climbers of the world! I am finished with my climbing in Nepal but I won’t be able to access my Google accounts on my computer until I get to Spain in about a month. That means I can’t post my trip report until then (I’m posting this from my phone). But in case you’re… Read more »


Wait! Isn´t this a climbing blog? What´s this picture doing here? The best idea of the past months was to head down to Huanchaco and get a taste of a sport I should have tried before I was even born. I left Huanchaco feeling like part of the Brazilian Storm! Just kidding! These days in… Read more »