Hey there! Hola! Kaixo! Salut!

Cissa is not my real name, but that is how everyone has been calling me pretty much since I was born. It is short for Clarissa in Portuguese, it means flower in Quechua, window glass in Sherpa, hookah in Balinese and Nepali, and boob in Croatian.

I was born in São Paulo, 9th ugliest city in the planet, and I’m a national of both Brazil and Italy. I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast since 8 years old when I hiked for the first time. I’ve backpacked extensively in South America, been (low altitude) mountaineering for over 10 years and been alpine climbing for some years now, having been to mountains in Africa, the Andes, the Himalayas and some ranges in Europe. I’m a contributing writer for Blog de Escalada – largest all around climbing website in Brazil.

blogdeescalada_400x400There’s the formal introduction! Now on to me in flesh and bone: I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Auburn University, and a Post-Graduate degree in Editorial Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design. My last job was at a multinational company, managing a creative team and the corporate branding strategy. After a year of climbing and surfing around the world that began in May of 2014, I ended up in Chamonix, in the French Alps, where I´ve been spending most of my time when not on the greater ranges.

I’ve always played sports, I’m a former long distance and marathon swimmer. I’m silly when I climb rock, and a clown overall. I curse a lot. I make jokes out of everything. I’m very serious in the big mountains though. I hate arrogance, elitism, sexism, and big egos. I love challenges, inhospitable places, and unknown and seldom climbed routes and mountains. I believe imaginary borders referred to as frontiers have no influence in my physiology, and I can climb as hard as anyone from cold and mountainous countries (except sherpas and incas, of course).


If you wanna get in touch, discuss literature or politics, soccer, recite poems, proverbs, ask questions, criticize, or maybe just invite me for a climb, I´d be totally up for it. Please get in touch. I’m weird but I don’t bite.

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